31 “Best of the Best” Gifts for Dog Lovers


Do you have someone special on your gift list that loves dogs? Finding the best gifts for dog lovers can be a bit overwhelming, there are so many products out there it’s hard to know where to start!

This week I sorted through the piles of websites and gift ideas to find thoughtful and unique gift ideas that will bring joy to your dog-loving friend. Take a look below and find the perfect gift that matches your friend’s personality!


Before you start looking at gift ideas, you want to spend some time thinking about your dog-loving friend’s likes, dislikes, and preferences. Here is a great list of questions to help you narrow down which of the many gifts for dog lovers your friend will like the most:

  • What dog breed do they like?
  • Are they a “big dog” person or a “small dog” person?
  • Do they spend time outside with their dog?
  • What kind of clothing do they commonly wear? (this is important – your fashionably-dressed friend probably won’t be too excited to get dog t-shirt, right?)
  • Is their dog a puppy? A senior?
  • What are your friend’s interests? (Hiking? Drinking Coffee? Traveling?)
  • Are they involved in dog rescue or do they enjoy philanthropic work?

You want to find gifts that match your friend’s personality.

The best-case scenario is when you look at a gift idea and you just know it’s the perfect gift. As I said in my article about The Best Gifts for Dogs, trust your gut response to different gift ideas. If you aren’t sure if your friend will like it, there is a good chance it will be a waste of money.

Take a look below to see some thoughtful and unique gifts for dog owners that will make your shopping a breeze!

Top 31 Gifts For Dog Lovers

**Note: this post contains affiliate links. No one paid me to recommend these products, I recommend them because I like them. By using the link to buy the products you are helping support happyynaturaldog.com**

Glasses For Dog Lovers

Whether they drink wine or beer, a fun glass is a great present for dog lovers!

Dog Wine Glass Markers

These are so fun – you put them on your glasses (wine, milk, you name it!) and your guests or kids will know whose glass is whose!

Another great feature, they are made by a small local company in Illinois so you are supporting a small business.

Dog Phone Cases

Is your dog-loving friend always on their phone? Check out these cute dog-themed phone cases!

Dog Leash Hooks

We all need more places to hang our dog leashes and toys – check out the second product below, it has a hidden shelf behind it to put your dog supplies!

Coffee Gifts for Dog Lovers

If your dog-loving friend is a coffee drinker, these mugs will start their day with a smile!

Make sure you give coffee with your coffee mug!

Grounds and Hounds sells organic, fair trade coffee and donates 20% of profits to rescue organizations. They even have coffee pods if you are looking for a gift for someone that uses a Keurig coffee machine.

Doormats: Outdoor for shoes or indoor mud & water absorbing paw mat!

Surprise your friend with a fun doormat! The first doormat below is a coconut fiber outdoor door mat, the second is a great indoor mat that absorbs the mud and water from your dog’s paws when they come inside.

Cozy Dog Sheets

Imagine how much someone would enjoy crawling into these cozy sheets each night and smiling because they are covered in a heartwarming dog print!

Digital Photo Frame for Dog Photos

We all know how much we love looking at pictures of our dog! This frame can be filled with pictures and videos of your friend’s dog for them to view at work or at home. It has wifi for easy uploads from your phone, and you can put videos on it too. I just ordered one to fill with pet and people pictures for my in-laws holiday gift!

Dog DNA Test

Do you have a dog-loving friend who has a mutt of unknown breed? Give them a DNA test to find out what breeds make up their dog’s DNA!

Dog GPS Tracker

Do you know someone whose dog wanders, or who hikes with their dogs? This tracking collar will tell them exactly where their dog is. Great for rescue dogs that are high flight risks too.

PetFon Dog GPS Tracker
PetFon GPS Tracker

Unique Books For Dog Lovers

These coffee table books will be a hit with your dog-loving friends, and will draw the attention of their guests as well!

Life is Good Tshirts

I absolutely LOVE Life is Good Shirts, the plays on words always make me smile. These shirts are from their “Jake and Rocket” line, which features a happy, optimistic guy and his dog on various adventures. The company’s mission is “To spread the power of optimism,” and they donate 10% of profits to their Kid’s Foundation which helps vulnerable children heal, learn, and grow.

Fun Dog Socks!

Looking for a small and fun gift? These socks are the perfect gift for any dog lover.

Cute Dog Masks

Make mask wearing a little more fun by giving a dog owner a cute dog face mask!

Dog Memorial Gifts

If you have a friend whose dog passed away this year, these thoughtful gifts will touch their heart. They are all from Etsy, a website where small business owners sell their products.

Donate to a Rescue!

If you can’t decide what to get your dog-loving friend for a gift, donate to a local animal shelter or animal rescue in their honor. You can pick a specific breed rescue if your friend likes a certain breed of dog, or just google “animal rescues near me” and you will get all sorts of options.

Rescued dogs picture for gift donation idea for dog lovers

Buy Fun & Unique Gifts for the Dog Lovers in your Life!

There are so many cool gifts for dog owners to buy in stores and online. Before you make your final decision, here are a few important points to remember:

  1. ORDER EARLY!! With so many people shopping online, you want to be sure your gift arrives in time.
  2. Look for gifts that match your friend’s personality, likes, and dislikes.
  3. Trust your gut – if it doesn’t strike you, move on and find a gift idea that does!

If you want to save these great gift ideas to reference later, save this PIN to your Gifts for Dog Lovers board:

gifts for dog lovers

Bringing joy to the dog moms and dads in your life will make you as happy – if not more happy – than the person you get a gift for.

Here’s to making others feel loved, appreciated, and special.



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