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I hope to build a community of natural dog lovers which will enrich each other through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Are you a new dog owner hoping to raise your dog as naturally as possible?

Or perhaps your dog has developed a new medical issue and you have decided you want to try and heal it holistically, treating the deeper core issue and not just the symptoms?

Welcome to The Happy Natural Dog Blog. On this site you will find informative articles that will help educate you about numerous pet ownership subjects. Use the menu at the top to choose a category, or click on the “Blog” option to see the latest posts.

Natural Dog Products

You will also find dog products that may interest you. Some are to help you with a problem your dog is experiencing, others are cool products to use when having fun with your dog!

Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Medical Issues

Many readers of the Happy Natural Dog blog find the website because they are searching for natural, holistic home remedies to help heal their dog or manage its medical issue.

These natural home remedies focus on the root cause of your dog’s issue instead of treating the symptoms. Many times you need to treat the underlying issues to heal the presenting symptoms; perhaps the immune system, stress, or a behavioral issue is causing your dog’s problem.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Click the “Contact Us” option and tell me what you hope to learn about; you never know if that might turn into my next article!

Here’s to devoted dog owners who want to be the best pet parents they can be. I hope you enjoy your natural dog journey!



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