Cool Dog Hiking Gear for Adventuring with Your Dog!

With a lot of us going a little stir crazy at home, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about cool hiking gear you can use for your dog adventures this summer.

Dog hiking gear keeps getting more and more innovative and high-quality. Companies know that for many of us our dogs are family; keeping them safe and comfortable on hikes and camping trips is important.

The inventive dog hiking gear that has hit the market in the last five years is impressive. Lightweight, portable, and innovative contraptions are making hiking adventures with our dogs easier than ever before!

So for the next few minutes, put your worries aside and start dreaming of your hiking happy place. Perhaps it’s a crisp, cool mountainside, an open field with a gentle breeze blowing, or along a stream deep in the woods.

Then read on to learn about cool products you want for your dog hiking adventures!

Getting to the Hiking Trail

If you’re going to be on a multi-night trip, you will find a dog packing list and more in our Traveling With Dogs article.

The first thing we need to talk about is getting your dog to the trail safely. There are two options when transporting a dog in a car: a crate or a harness.

**Note: this post contains affiliate links. No one paid me to recommend these products, I recommend them because I like them. By using the link to buy the products you are helping support**


Gunnar Crates

Plastic and wire crates break easily in an accident; if you watch the crash tests it’s pretty upsetting. For travel, this Gunnar crate is crash tested. You can see the results on the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) website. I’m including a picture of a Gunnar Crate after a rollover accident, it’s amazing that the kennel held strong and kept the dog safe.

Seat belt harness

Check the crash test rating of any seat belt harness you are considering.  The Sleepypod Harness Crash Test data is on the CPS website; the Ruffwear results are on the Ruffwear website.

Take a Current Picture of Your Pet

Whether you are doing a day hike or an overnight trip, take a picture of your pet before you hit the trail. If your pet gets loose, you will have a current picture to print and post quickly.

Dog Hiking Leashes, Tie Outs, and Collars

Dog product companies have invented some great leash and collar options in the dog hiking gear category. Here are some of the most innovative products I came across:

Adjustable Multi-Function Leash

Kurgo Quantum 6-in-1 Dog Leash                        

This dog leash is seriously cool! It can function as a regular leash, but after reading about all the different ways you can use it, the non-standard ways seem way more fun!

Leash configurations

  • 6 ft. dog leash
  • 3 ft. training leash
  • Hands-free over the shoulder courier style (great for hiking)
  • Hands-free around the waist (great for running)
  • Double dog walker
  • Easy tether

Leash features

  • Adjustable from 48″ to 72″
  • Floating, padded handle
  • Ladder style lets you adjust to any length
  • Reflective trim
  • Custom carabiner with bottle opener
  • Hand wash or spot clean, air dry

Stretch Leash

RUFFWEAR – Roamer Dog Leash

ruffwear roamer dog leash

Ruffwear is committed to sustainable sourcing of fabrics and rubber and has a business model focused on reducing waste. Features of the roamer leash include:

  • Webbing stretches and absorbs shock, allowing your dog to comfortably explore and roam
  • Can be hand-held, waist-worn, or secured to a tree or post
  • Strong and secure swiveling Talon Clip
  • Adjustable, padded handle with side-release buckle
  • Traffic handle near the clip allows quick restraint when needed
  • Accessory loop near the dog end of the leash for clipping on poop bags or other small items

Standard Leash

Krebs Recycle Climbing Rope Leash

krebs recycle climbing rope dog leash

If you ‘re looking for a standard-length leash this is a great, eco-friendly option:

  • Eco-friendly: made from recycled climbing rope scraps in Indiana
  • Durable nature of climbing rope means this leash is very strong and long-lasting
  • Comes in 4’ and 6’ lengths
  • Krebs makes gear from recycled materials

Portable Tie-Out Zip Line System

If you are hiking to a destination where you want to hang out for a while, or if you are camping, this contraption is totally awesome!

The Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch is a ready-made zip line system that allows your dog to move around and explore safely. Just secure each end to a tree or post, hook up your dog (preferably to a harness), and he can explore while you sit back and relax, make dinner, or plan tomorrow’s hike!

  • Ideal for camping, backpacking, picnics, and other outdoor activities
  • Climbing-inspired rope and easy-to-use tensioning system makes set up quick and simple
  • The swiveling carabiner keeps leashes twist- and tangle-free while staying securely attached the line
  • A durable stow bag contains all components when not in use


Hurtta Padded Neoprene Reflective Dog Collar

Hurtta is a company in Finland that utilizes eco-friendly practices and has an entire eco-friendly line. This collar is good for hiking and safety:

  • Quick drying neoprene pad
  • Safety lock mechanism is designed so the stress caused by pulling is not placed on the clip buckle
  • 3M reflectors make dog more visible
  • Machine washable

Dog ID Tag

The Pet ID Dog Tag by Road ID

Road ID makes high quality ID tags for humans and pets. This tag slips on the dog’s collar.

  • No risk of tag catching on branch and pulling off dog’s collar
  • No annoying tag jingle

Tag Silencer

Coastal Pet Products EZ Change Dog ID Clip with Silencer

Dog Tag Silencer and clip

If you have regular metal tags, putting these rubber silencers between them will prevent tag jingle noises on the trail.

Nite Dawg LED collar cover

This nifty product is a great safety accessory to have. It attaches over your dog’s collar at night to make the dog easier to see.

  • Fits collars up to 1”
  • Flash or glow modes
  • Battery lasts 75 hours in glow mode, 100 hours in flash mode
  • Weather resistant

GPS Collars

Losing your dog on a hike is a dog owner’s worst nightmare. Investing in a GPS Collar provides peace of mind, and if the worst case scenario happens you will be able to find your dog. There are 2 types of collars, cell signal and GPS-based.

Whistle Go Explore Location Tracker

Whistle Go Explore dog GPS tracker collar

This unit was the top-rated GPS Collar on every ratings page I read. One of its important features is battery life, which is crucial if your dog is lost. The new model I have linked to has a 20-hour battery life. Other pros include accurate tracking and notifications.  It works off of AT&T cell signals (monthly fee required) so you need to be aware it won’t work if you’re out of the coverage area. If you won’t have a cell signal, then you should get a GPS-based collar.

PetFon GPS Pet Tracker

PetFon Dog GPS Tracker

PetFon is a GPS-based tracker that requires no monthly fee. It uses a GPS signal (no cell signal is used); you and the dog each have modules that “talk” to each other. These collars are more expensive than cell signal collars, but since there is no monthly fee you make the price difference up quickly. These have a smaller tracking area and shorter battery life, but if you don’t have cell service on your hike they are the best choice.

Dog Hiking Packs

If you have a dog that never seems to get tired, or you can’t fit all your gear in your pack, let your dog transport some of your gear! When your dog carries supplies it not only lightens your load, it can help tire out your dog and give him a sense of purpose.

Ruffwear Singletrak

This pack is great for day hikes, it is on the smaller side and has a great handle to help the dog over obstacles.

  • Features storage pockets and external gear loops
  • Reflective trim
  • Designed with weight-forward saddlebags that help stabilize pack contents for comfortable carrying (be sure to limit the load to 25% of your dog’s weight)
  • Features an integrated harness with 5 points of adjustment for just the right fit
  • Padded handle and supportive straps allow for controlled and comfortable lifting over tough terrain
  • Strong aluminum V-ring and reinforced webbing loop leash attachment points

Ruffwear Approach     

The Approach packs are much larger for multi-day hikes.

  • Roomy pockets and external gear loops
  • Designed with weight-forward saddlebags that help stabilize pack contents for comfortable carrying (be sure to limit the load to 25% of your dog’s weight)
  • Features an integrated harness with 5 points of adjustment for just the right fit
  • Padded handle and supportive straps allow for controlled and comfortable lifting over tough terrain
  • Clip in with the strong aluminum V-ring and reinforced webbing loop leash attachment points

Dog Hiking Injury Preparedness Products

Adventure Medical Kits Workin’ Dog Canine First Aid Kit

This first aid kit is more expensive than most, but it’s far and above better than the others I found. It has more than your standard gauze and alcohol wipes, it has antihistamine, a styptic pencil, eyewash, peroxide – all these things are missing from the basic kits and could be vital to have on the trail.

Pack a Paw Emergency Dog Transport Harness

If a dog is seriously injured on a hike and can’t walk, you could be in a horrible position where you can’t carry the dog out but you can’t stay there with him. This harness is amazing and worth having on any long hike.

Food & Water

Kurgo dog kibble carrier

  • Holds up to 5 pounds of dry food
  • Roll down top to adjust size
  • Hex weave material keeps food fresh
  • Zippered side pocket for storage, zippered bottom opening for collapsible bowl (not included)
  • PVC free, machine washable
  • Lifetime warranty

Ollydog Plastic Water Bottle

Plastic is the lighter option for hiking water bottles and insulates better than stainless steel.

  • Weight 5.9 oz
  • 1 Liter capacity
  • 9″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″
  • Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic
  • Lid is easy for dog to drink from

H204K9 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you don’t want to use plastic, this stainless steel water bottle is a great choice. Developed from feedback received by Military Handlers, Police K9, and Search & Rescue Teams, the bottle is built to handle extreme conditions.

  • 25 oz capacity (.7 liter)
  • Weight 11.2 ounces
  • Dimensions 3.2 x 3.2 x 9.8 inches
  • Self-Insulating outer shell keeps cold water cold
  • Rugged outer shell is impact resistant, easy grip, and sound dampening for quiet use
  • BPA-free lids are designed for dogs to drink naturally
  • Lid designed so you can easily pour unused water back into the bottle

Protective Gear

If you are hiking long distances in places where rain can pop up and temperatures can drop, these raincoats will keep your dog warm and dry.

Hurtta Monsoon Rain Coat

Hurtta Monsoon Rain Coat
  • Weatherproof and breathable shell fabric
  • Waterproofed seams make coat completely waterproof
  • Adjustable collar prevents rain from entering at collar area
  • Adjustable waist and back length
  • Highly visible 3M® reflectors

Kurgo North Country Raincoat

dog wearing Kurgo north country raincoat on hike
  • Light fleece lining to provide a bit of warmth if needed, but light enough to use in summer temps as well
  • Waterproof
  • Flashing LED lights on back end
  • Reflective piping
  • Lightweight

Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots

ruffwear grip trex dog boots for summer paw protection black

Dog pads can become dry and cracked when hiking, or be injured by sharp rocks on the trail. If you are hiking long distances, or on rough terrain, getting a pair of protective dog boots can help avoid injury.

Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel

microfiber towel and storage sack

My kids have used these for traveling; having one on your hike can come in handy. They are absorbent, lightweight, and dry extremely quickly.

They come with a mesh bag with a hang loop for easy attachment to a carabiner.

What to do With Dog Poop on the Trail?

When you’re on the trail, the right thing to do is to pick up after your dog. I used to think leaving it in the woods (off the trail) was OK, then I learned this damages the ecosystem. If you plan to pick up your poop and dispose of it in the trash after the hike, here are bags made by a family owned business that strives to use recycled materials and support animal rescues and shelters:

Compostapoop Bags

Compostapoop dog poop bags
  • Home compostable (TUV Austria Home certification)
  • Made from plant-based material
  • Rolls are suitable refills for most standard dispensers
  • Box made from recycled materials
  • Each roll has a recyclable core

If you pick up your dog’s poop on the trail, here are two smell-free options for carrying it:


Poo Vault hiking storage container for dog poop disposal

This hard-sided container has a belt clip or carabiner for attaching it to your pack, leash, or belt. Designers say it holds 2 poops from their 70 lb. Labrador, size is 5″ x 4″ x 3.5”

Ruffwear Pack Out Bag

Ruffwear pack out bag for hiking and camping with dogs on person

This odor-resistant bag can be attached to a belt, pack, or leash.  It comes in two sizes, depending on how long you will be on the trail. The waterproof lining and zipper keep the smell in.

Read more about eco friendly dog poop bags that keep plastic (and poop!) out of landfills.

Beds and Sun Shades

If you are camping or overnight backpacking, beds and sun shades are products you may want to consider.

Kurgo Wander Loft Travel Bed

My favorite thing about this bed is that the bottom is waterproof, so it stays warm and dry even if the ground is damp.

RUFFWEAR Clear Lake Dog Blanket

This blanket packs small, is filled with recycled polyester insulation, and is water-resistant and quick drying.

Sun Shades

If you are hiking or camping in hot, sunny conditions, these shade tents create a shady spot for your dog to lie down and cool off. Both of these tents have good ventilation for air movement so it stays cool inside.

Popup Shade Tent

The nice thing about popups is that you don’t have to put poles together, it just “pops” out and the tent is ready.

Mobihome Shade Tent

Mobihome dog shade tent

The Mobihome footprint is 44” x 43,” a little bigger which might be nice if you want to join your dog for a shady break or if you have multiple dogs. It weighs a bit more, 4.6 pounds, and you do have to set it up (but it’s quick and easy).

Grab Your Dog Hiking Gear and Get Outside!

Whether you’re headed out for a mountain hiking adventure or taking a day hike in your hometown, there is some pretty nifty dog hiking gear on the market that can make your hike more enjoyable and safe for your dog.

Many of us are spending extra time at home right now; why not spend some of this extra time out in nature with your best friend? It’s a win-win: good for your mental & physical health, and good for your dog as well.

If you want to make your hike a multi-day trip, download a dog packing list and read tips about Traveling With Dogs to make your trip go smoothly.

Do you have innovative dog hiking gear that you love? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Until next time-



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