Valentine’s Day Dog & Dog Lover Gift Ideas!

Valentine's Day Dog and Dog Lover Gift Ideas

When I was growing up, every Valentine’s Day my mom would tuck a Valentine’s Day surprise in my school lunchbox. Somehow I forgot this every year until I opened my lunchbox, and inside would be a new book.

It was always a special book; my mom cultivated a love of books and reading. The book would have a small post-it on the front that said “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with a heart and xoxo’s drawn in pen underneath.

It was a small thing, but I felt loved in a deep way that only a small heartfelt gift from your mom can make you feel.

So, if you’re a dog lover and giving thoughtful gifts makes your heart full, I thought you might want some ideas of fun things you could give your dog this February 14!

Check out these Valentine’s Day dog and dog lover gift ideas and make a list of special people and dogs whose day you could turn around with a thoughtful surprise.

Valentine’s Day Dog Treats

For this category, I went in my “support small businesses” mode and chose a few great Valentine’s Day dog treats on Etsy. Each of these has healthy, wholesome ingredients and is super cute as well!

A note of caution for the dog treat buyer:

  • Beware of homemade dog treats that use food coloring or sugary ingredients. I saw “natural” dog treats on Etsy with bright red or pink frosting that did not list food coloring in the ingredient list – and there is no way they achieved a bright-bright pink or deep dark red without food coloring. Up-front vendors will say beets used for coloring, and you can tell because the color looks more natural and less fake.
  • I saw some dog treats with “yogurt frosting” that was pink. The ingredients only list “yogurt frosting” but not what is in the yogurt. The yogurt was pink, so I guessed it was a sugar-sweetened strawberry yogurt (which I would not want to give to my dog). I messaged the seller and I was right – the yogurt contained sugar. Another seller had white “frosting” and when asked said it was made from confectioner’s sugar.

Grain-Free Soft Heart Dog Treats – Vegan, Coconut

These cute bite-size Valentine’s Day dog hearts are made from limited ingredients, with beets used for the pink coloring.

Ingredient list (100% human grade ingredients): Tapioca flour, coconut flour (organic), coconut oil (organic), arrowroot, water, coconut milk powder (organic), beet powder (organic), and ascorbic acid (vitamin C used as a preservative).

Valentine Oreo Bites

These little Oreo look-alikes are really fun – and based on the ingredients I think dogs will love them!

The ingredient lists for these cookies is short and simple:

Red Cookie: Oat Flour, Raspberry & Beet

Pink Cookie: Oat Flour, Strawberry & Dragon Fruit

Filling: Oat Flour & Banana

Dog Valentine’s Day Toys

Do you want to surprise your dog with a fun toy for Valentine’s Day?

**Note: this post contains affiliate links. No one paid me to recommend these products, I recommend them because I like them. However, using the link to buy the products helps support! **

Bionic Chew Toys by Outward Hound

I just heard about the Bionic series of toys by Outward Hound. They float, are strong rubber for chewers, and you can put food in them. This is a win-win-win in my book!

  • My dog loves fetching toys when he swims
  • I appreciate toys that he can’t chew into pieces
  • I love enrichment toys that keep his brain busy and make him calmer and more balanced.

These chew toys are BPA and phthalate-free.

Nina Ottonson Wobble Bowl

This is a clever food toy I stumbled onto the other day. It’s a little harder than the typical maze food toy so will challenge your dog and provide some fun at mealtime.

Outward hound wobble bowl

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Senior Dogs

Getting gifts for senior dogs can be hard; many of them aren’t into toys anymore. It’s extreme from a money standpoint, but my go-to for my senior girl is dog beds. She really, really loves cushy donut beds that keep her a bit warmer and cushion her stiff joints.

If you have an older dog that likes to sleep all day or an anxious dog that needs a tight cozy place they can curl up and calm down, donut beds are the way to go.

My anxious border collie loves these donut beds. I think it’s similar to the Thundershirt principle, being snugged in is comforting and calming.

Jax and Bones Natural & Eco-Friendly Bed

Jax and Bones uses stuffing made from recycled soda bottles, eco-friendly vegetable dyes, and minimizes the ecological footprint in their production methods. Beds are made in the USA.

Cushions can be removed and machine washed.

jax and bones donut dog bed

Majestic Pet Bed

The company is not as focused on eco-friendly practices as Jax and Bones (none listed on their website), but does manufacture the beds in the U.S. The cushions are removable and washable, and the bottom cushion is waterproof.

Magestic Pet Bagel Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut Bed

This company does not manufacture the beds in the US, nor does it have any eco-friendly policies noted on their website. Even though they don’t use natural products, they do help achieve calming in a natural way.

Cushions can be removed and machine washed.

This company was the first to come up with the “calming bed” idea so I wanted to give them kudos for that. Instead of a traditional donut bed with a flat padded bottom, they put a much puffier cushion in the bottom so that when the dog gets in the bed they “sink” down in and feel more “snuggled” by the bed.

For some dogs, including my anxious border collie, this feeling helps them calm down and they gravitate to this kind of bed. You don’t want to buy this bed larger than you need. As you can see in this picture, my border collie will sometimes even curl up in my cat’s bed because he is more snuggled in that way!

Valentine’s Day Clothing for Dogs and Dog Lovers!

Does your dog want to get a Valentine’s Day gift for that special human in their life? This shirt and hat will bring a smile to someone’s face!

Want to get something fun for your dog but you are on a budget? Ad a splash of festivity to your Valentine’s Day by putting one of these cute bananas around your dog’s neck!

If you’re not on a budget, get the family these matching Valentine’s Day jammies – with a dog bandana to match!

Valentine’s Day Dog & Dog Lover Fun

There are so many ways to make Valentine’s Day a little more fun. Some prefer to buy fun little gifts, either for their dog or for someone special in their life.

Others take their dog on a special hike, perhaps inviting someone who might be a little lonely or sad on Valentine’s Day.

Do you have a fun tradition for Valentine’s Day in your house? Share them in the comments below!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Dogs & Dog Lovers

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