39 Unique Holiday & Christmas Gifts For Dogs —And Dog Lovers too!

Best Dog Gifts and Gifts For Dog Lovers


Are you on the hunt for dog gifts? Perhaps you want to find the best dog toys for a pet gift, or some interactive dog toys for your own pets!

Maybe you are trying to find the best chew toys for your new puppy, or some indestructible dog toys for heavy chewers.

OR you are looking for dog-lover gifts – trying to find the perfect something for someone close who is a dog mom or dad.

Whether you’re looking for Birthday gifts, Hanukkah gifts, or Christmas gifts for dogs and dog lovers – you want to find the BEST dog gifts that any dog will go crazy for, as well as unique dog lover gifts that will make the recipient squeal with delight!

Every year I go on a mission to find some new types of dog toys that my dogs will get really excited about.

And if I’m getting dog gifts for friends, I want to find something that will really be a hit.

But . . . it takes a TON of time.

So in order to help all of you find the best dog toys for your dog gifts this year, I have put together a list of sure-fire hits: dog gifts ideas as well as gifts for dog lovers!

I really try not to duplicate much between toy articles, so most of what you find here will be new to Happy Natural Dog.

In addition, I will list more articles at the end that are full of the best dog toys, gifts for dogs, and gifts for dog lovers . . . so you will want to click those for more ideas!

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Best Dog Toys (unique toys, not the same old same old)

To start with, let’s talk about some dog toys that are fun or unique – that I hadn’t seen before researching this article.

These are toys that are new or different from your run of the mill toys, or perhaps they are made with safer or eco friendly ingredients.

Beneath each toy I’ve put a few qualities about it that made it stand out to me.

KONG Wrapz Bone Dog Toy

Kong Wrapz Bone Dog Gift
  • Interesting, grippable texture
  • Squeaky
  • Durable

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

Jolly Pets best dog gift
Jolly Pets best dog gift with dog
  • floats
  • works for fetch or tug
  • you can put peanut butter inside to keep your dog busy (important:: make sure your peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol – it is poisonous and could kill your dog! Natural peanut butter with no added ingredients or sugars is best – look for products with only peanuts and salt on the ingredients list)
  • comes in different sizes

KONG Jumbler Football Dog Toy

Kong jumbler football gifts for dogs
dog running with kong jumbler football toy for dogs
color choices for kong jumbler
  • novel shape is easy for dog to grab and hold
  • tennis ball inside will drive them nuts and make it fun to shake the toy
  • squeaks
  • fun color choices
  • tough and durable

Kong Squeezz Dental Stick

Kong Squeezz dental stick
  • nubs clean teeth when dog chews on the toy
  • groves can be stuffed with treats
  • nice texture for chewing (but note it’s not meant for heavy chewers)

Nature Gnaws Beef Jerky Chews

Nature Gnaws Beef Jerky dog Chew toys
  • single ingredient – no chemicals added
  • baked and processed at their plant
  • note they aren’t for heavy chewers (or just know they will chew them up quickly!)

Plush Donut Squeaky Toy

Plush Donut squeaky puppy toy
Plush donut squeaky gift for dogs
plush donut squeaky dog toy showing both sizes
plush donut squeaky jumbo size gift for dog with corgi
  • comes in multiple sizes – mini, regular, and jumbo
  • multiple squeakers in each toy
  • fun to throw, almost frisbee-like

Indestructible Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

Kong Squeezz Ball

kong squeezz ball gift for dogs
  • super durable
  • good color variety
  • squeaks

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball
Happy dog with jolly pets soccer ball
dog chewing on jolly pets soccer ball
  • can be punctured without deflating or losing its shape
  • 2 sizes
  • floats
  • available in multiple colors

Nerf Squeaky Football

nerf dog football for strong chewers
border collie with nerf squeaky football dog gift
  • this is simple but SO GOOD.
  • tough rubber
  • squeaks
  • dogs and puppies absolutely love it (it’s a sure hit for every one of my foster dogs)

Rubber Donut Chew Toy

Rubber donut gift for dogs
  • heavy rubber
  • squeaks
  • easy for smaller dogs to carry
  • fun to play fetch with, you can frisbee-toss it

PetSafe Ribinator Chew Toy

Petsafe Ribinator interactive dog toy
Petsafe ribinator gift for dogs that are heavy chewers
  • can be filled with food or bully sticks to keep your dog or puppy busy
  • tough rubber for heavy chewers

Interactive dog toys (also called Puzzle Toys, Food Toys, & Mentally Stimulating Dog Toys)

PupPod Rocker Interactive Dog Toy

Puppud rocker with trainer mentally stimulating dog toy

How it works:
The rocker makes a sound (you choose the sound),
your dog rocks it with their nose or paw,
and the treat dispensing unit emits a sound to mark the moment the rocker is tipped then dispenses treats to your dog.

  • Can be activated from your cell phone
  • 5 difficulty levels
  • you can watch a live video of your dog playing the game

Tugtopus 3-in-One Dog Toy

Tugtopus interactive dog toy
Tugtopus interactive toy gift for dogs
  • dog can work to pull the toy life ring off the octopus
  • squeaky toy is hidden inside the octopus for dog to extract
  • octopus has bungee arms that crinkle
  • squeaker made of BPA-free plastic

Round Snuffle Mat With Anti-Slip Suction Cups

washable snuffle mat with suction cups for dog gift
snuffle mat gift for dogs with suction cups
  • full disclosure, I’m betting this mat is made abroad so it’s not eco friendly or natural fabric, etc
  • has suction cups to keep the mat from sliding across the floor as the dog eats
  • great way to feed your dog dinner, they will eat more slowly
  • machine washable

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail

hyper pet doggie tail interactive dog toy
  • wiggles, vibrates, and squeaks
  • not for heavy chewers, contains batteries

Carrot Garden Snuffle Mat

carrot garden snuffle mat interactive dog toy
  • cute design
  • you can hide the treats in the carrots, and in the holes that the carrots sit in

Nina Ottosson Challenge Slider

nina ottosson challenge slider food toy for dogs
  • this is for super smart puzzle dogs, the ones that need a challenge – I worried it was too hard but reviews are raving and dogs in the review videos enjoyed it!
  • BPA, PVA, & phthalate free
  • helps calm dogs down and destress them (as long as they don’t get frustrated, as with any puzzle toy)

Lickimat Slomo Food Toy For Dogs

lickimat slomo gift for dogs
lickimat slomo interactive food toy for dogs with food in it
  • There are a LOT of lick food toys online, but most are made in China – since your dog’s food is on the mat, getting Lickimat brand ensures the quality.
  • made in Australia of food grade natural rubber, no BPA, PVA, or phthalates
  • good mental stimulation for dog which calms the brain

Push N Pop Dog Food Dispenser

Push N Pop interactive slow feeding dog food dispenser
push n pop mentally stimulating dog food toy
  • dog pushes toy and food pops out top
  • super fun for the dog, easy to learn
  • sold by company called Ethical Pets based in US

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

PetSafe automatic ball launcher
dog running ball back to Petsafe ball launcher
  • newer ball launcher has distance and angle settings
  • front motion sensor prevents the launcher from launching if person or dog is within 7 feet
  • can set toy to launch 15 minutes, then rest 15 minutes

Pizza Snuffle Mat

pizza snuffle mat interactive dog gift with dogs interacting
pizza snuffle mat interactive dog gift with pieces taken out
  • too cute not to mention!
  • nonslip backing helps hold it in place
  • wide variety of hiding places keeps your dog busy
  • pieces can be used separately

Puppy Toys

Snuggle Puppy Comforting Heartbeat Toy

Smartlove Snuggle Puppy Toy With Heartbeat
puppy asleep on heartbeat puppy toy
heartbeat puppy anxiety toy with a tiny white puppy
  • You’ve all seen puppy piles – puppies sleep all entwined with one another, so when they are separated they can be very lonely. This toy is the perfect solution, it has a heartbeat so they can snuggle in and feel like they are in their puppy pile.
  • reduces loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety
  • Made from safe fabric (there are a lot of cheap replicas on the internet)

Seaflex Drifty Dog Toy

Seaflex Drifty recycled eco friendly dog toy
Seaflex Drifty recycled puppy toy
  • floats
  • multiple color options
  • made with  eco-friendly zero-waste Zogoflex and recycled ocean-bound plastic.
  • BPA & phthalate-free, dishwasher safe 
  • good chew toy or fetch toy

Freezable Puppy Chew Toy

Gucho natural rubber freezable puppy toy for teething
  • all natural rubber
  • fill grooves with peanut butter or other spread and freeze it

Mini Orka Chew Toys

Orka dog chew or puppy toys
  • small size for puppies
  • BPA & phthalate-free
  • sold by Outward Hound, a reputable dog toy company
  • freeze for teething relief

Best Gifts For Dog Lovers

Shark Cordless Pet Hair Vacuum

Sharp cordless pet hair vacuum gift for dog lovers
  • lifesaver gift for dog lovers
  • if they’ve never had a cordless vacuum they will love you forever
  • breaks down so you can vacuum the couch with it assembled in a handheld size

Absorbent Indoor Doormat

absorbant indoor doormat gift for dog lovers
  • so cute!
  • perfect dog lover gift for people with dogs coming in with muddy or wet feet
  • machine washable

There’s Like A Lot Of Dogs In Here Doormat

doormat gift for dog lovers
  • this just cracks me up and it’s so relatable!
  • machine washable

Ruffwear Dirtbag Car Seat Cover – With Seatbelt Openings and Storage Pocket

Ruffwear dirtbag dog car seat cover gift for dog lovers second view
Ruffwear dirtbag dog car seat cover gift for dog lovers
Seatbelt opening in Ruffwear dirtbag dog car seat cover gift for dog lovers
dog toy storage pocket in Ruffwear dirtbag dog car seat cover gift for dog lovers

Embark Breed Identification Kit

embark breed identification DNA test kit for dogs
  • screens for 350 dog breeds – what a cool gift for someone who doesn’t know what breeds their dog is!
  • highly rated

Dog Oven Mitts – Regular & Silicone

Adjustable Cooking Aprons – Paw Print & Dog Faces

Dog Beds

Best Friends By Shari Calming Dog Bed

best friends by shari dog bed gift for dog lovers
best friends by shari dog bed dog gift
best friends by shari calming dog bed gift for dogs
  • I’ve showcased these in other articles and just need to say again, they are wonderful for nervous or fearful dogs.
  • super plush and cushy
  • dog sinks in and feels snuggled
  • machine washable

Ruffwear Basecamp Dog Bed

Ruff Wear Basecamp Dog bed
Ruff Wear Basecamp Dog bed dog gift color 2
  • new dog bed style by Ruffwear
  • easy to pack
  • filled with recycled polyester
  • soft microsuede on the outside
  • great for camping or dog crates

Dog Subscription Boxes

Dog subscription boxes are the new rage. I found two that are perfect for dog owners who try to buy their dog natural, earth friendly products.

When I started looking at dog boxes, I found that you have to really research the products that come in the boxes.

Some boxes that touted themselves as “natural” had products like shampoo wipes that were full of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce – so it’s nice to see options like this one.

Pure Earth Pets

Pure Earth Dog Gift boxes are a great option for natural pet owners, they are conscious of every detail of their gift boxes, from the printing and packaging to the natural treats and eco-friendly toys.

  • Biodegradable box printed with soy ink
  • No excess waste or added packaging
  • Eco friendly toys
  • Natural and limited ingredient treats
  • Each box contains 5-6 items

I love that I saw high quality rubber toys – such as West Paw – in many of the boxes pictured on the website. That is an extra bonus is you have a stuffed-toy shredder like I do!

Use promo code HappyNaturalDog15 to get 15% off
anything in their store – including your first months subscription!

pure earth pets dog gift box benefits
pure earth pets box gifts for dogs
pure earth pets dog box gift for dog lovers


Wagwell is the second box that stood out to me as more natural dog gift box option, containing natural items such as:

  • organic treats
  • bully sticks come from USA cattle.

I did notice that the boxes in the pictures on the website have stuffy toys, so if your dog is a shredder the Pure Earth Pets may be a better options. But check with the company first, I’m just going off of the pictures.

If you visit the website, watch for a popup that offers 20% off your first order!

wagwell dog box gift for dogs
Wagwell box best dog toys and a german shepherd
wagwell box Christmas gift for dogs

More Christmas Gifts For Dogs & Dog Lovers

Did you like the gift ideas in this article, but you want to see even MORE cool dog gift ideas and thoughtful gift for dog lovers too?

Check out these posts with more gift ideas:

boxer balancing Christmas presents for dogs on his nose
Photo credit: Rawpixel.com

It’s Time To Get Your Holiday Shopping Done!

I hope you found some great gift ideas and can get your holiday dog and dog lover gift shopping done!

If you have a favorite toy or gift that you think the Happy Natural Dog family would like to know about, tell me about it in the comments below – word of mouth is one of the best ways to find great gift ideas for our pets!

Until next time-



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