25 Amazing Indestructible Dog Toys & Activities For Your Aggressive Chewer!

If you are looking for indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers, you are probably getting a bit tired of spending money on what is guaranteed to be an “indestructible dog toy” only to find it in pieces on your floor within hours.

And you figure there have GOT to be some innovative dog toys out there that dogs can’t bite chunks off of, but also won’t break their teeth on.

Not an easy task.

Add into the equation that you are a natural dog owner so you want to buy conscientiously and not give your dog anything unhealthy or poorly sourced, and it gets really challenging.

So this week I set off to answer the question: what are some natural indestructible dog toys that will hold up to aggressive chewers? 

Let’s find out.

Fact: There Are No 100% Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

It’s true.

I literally researched over 100 indestructible dog toys and combed through their reviews, and there was always at least one review showing a picture of the toy either in pieces or with a very large chunk missing.

I found kevlar dog toys that were made with kevlar stitching and tough weaves, but even those had reviews describing stuffed toy destruction within minutes of arrival.

So as you look through the product options on this page, remember:

  • You know your dog best

. . . and you know what they’ve destroyed before. If you have a feeling it won’t hold up to their strong jaw, you’re probably right.

  • Some toys come with a warranty! 

Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee, some offer a 1-time replacement, so these might be better toys to try because at least you might be able to get your money back or a replacement toy if it doesn’t work.

  • Could this toy damage your dog’s teeth?

If a toy is truly indestructible, it probably doesn’t have any “give,” which means your aggressive chewer could easily break a tooth on it. I’ve had to have a canine tooth removed before, and it was over $1000 – it’s expensive.

  • Consider alternatives to chew toys

If your dog destroys almost all chew toys, don’t despair— it’s time to think outside the box and use other activities to keep your dog busy! Keep reading, I’ve got some great dog enrichment activity ideas in this article.

What NOT To Give A Strong Chewer

Different kinds of toys pose different dangers. Read how each of these can become dangerous:

  • Toys With Ropes

The strings in these toys, when severed, can both block your intestines, or actually become stuck in one part of the intestine and cut through it when the body continues to try and move the rest of the string through the intestines. 

Some dogs ignore it, some don’t – so if your dog chews the rope part, don’t give them that type of toy.

  • Hard Plastic Toys & Bones

When a dog chews a piece of a hard plastic toy off, there are many potential injuries. If they ingest the piece, the sharp edges can damage the intestinal tract – which can be life threatening.

The remaining toy will have sharp edges where it has been chewed, which can cut the dog’s gums.

  • Stuffed Toys

If your dog likes to rip off pieces of stuffed toys and swallow them, they are at risk of intestinal blockage. This requires emergency surgery or the blocked intestine tissue will die.

How to Evaluate Indestructible Dog Toys

When you look at a possible toy for your dog, pay attention to the following:

  1. Does the toy come with a warranty?

Some companies are much more willing to replace a toy if your dog destroys it, or they might offer to give your money back.

  1. What materials is the toy made from?

Evaluate both the physical aspect (is it hard plastic?) and what’s in the material (is it natural rubber or a lot of chemicals you can’t pronounce?)

  1. Where is the toy manufactured?

Made in USA is always a plus.

  1. What do the reviews say?

Learn from others’ experiences, it can save you a LOT of money!

Now on to the best indestructible dog toy options on the market.

The Top Indestructible Dog Toys


Kong has a line of dog toys called “Extreme” toys that are made from the most durable strength of natural rubber that is designed for the toughest of chewers. Kong’s rubber toys are made in the USA.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they have really expanded their Extreme line to have a wide variety of choices for dog owners to choose from.

Note: Do not get toys with ropes if your dogs might chew/ingest rope –
this can lead to intestinal obstruction and even death!


Goughnuts also has an “extreme” line that has been formulated for aggressive chewers.  It is made in the USA of natural rubber and utilizes engineered carbon reinforcement to make it even stronger.

The rings and sticks have a red inside core to alert owners if the dog has damaged the toy.

They have an amazing guarantee/replacement policy where they will replace any damaged toy and you only pay the shipping cost.

Jolly Pets

Jolly Pets has a line called the “Jolly Tuff” Collection made in the USA from their toughest rubber. Many can be stuffed with treats.

Their Amazon store says their Tuff Collection is “guaranteed” but I couldn’t find any details about the guarantee on their website.

West Paw

West Paw toys are made in the USA. The company has an amazing mission and strives to be eco-friendly and make toys responsibly, considering not only the pets that will use them but the environment that is affected by each step of the production process.

Their “Love It Guarantee” entitles you to a one-time refund or replacement, per toy design, if you are unhappy with the performance of a West Paw product.

Their durable dog toy line is made from Zogoflex, a recyclable plastic blend that has a rubber-like feel (not hard like regular plastic).

Planet Dog By Outward Hound

The Orbee Tuff Collection is made of rubber in the USA and is infused with natural mint oil.

Tough – But Not Indestructible – Dog Toys

Kong Squeezz Collection

These toys are not as tough as the indestructible ones above, but they are a great toy for supervised play that are quite thick rubber and hold up to some strong “squeaking” and chewing during play. My moderately strong chewers love them and have had them for months.

Bones For Heavy Chewers

There are split opinions in the dog-owning world about giving bones to dogs. Some warn against it because of the risk that an aggressive chewer can crack a tooth. Others discuss the teeth cleaning benefits that bone chewing provides.

I give my dogs bones occasionally, but since mine are more aggressive chewers I use these options which are slightly softer than traditional marrow bones.

Buck Bone Organics Jumbo Split Elk Antlers For Dogs

My dogs enjoy antlers; they last a long time but the dog never gets tired of it.

  • Softer than a whole antler so easier on their teeth (if you have dogs who chew so hard tooth cracking/chipping is a concern)
  • Family owned business
  • Naturally Sourced From “Shed” Antlers in the Rocky Mountains
  • 6-8” long

Beef Knuckle Bone for Dogs

I love these bones for my dogs because they last forever but as the dog chews the bone slowly crumbles away which I think is easier on their teeth.

These bones are my dogs’ favorite, they LOVE them.

  • Highly digestible (unlike rawhide chews which can get lodged in dogs’ intestines)
  • All of this company’s products are sourced from high-quality American or South American cattle, all of which are hormone-free, free range and mature.
  • Nothing added, chemical or otherwise

Note: Be sure to give your dog a private place to chew their bone where other dogs or children won’t bother them – resource guarding in dogs can develop if your dog feels the need to guard the bone so another dog or person doesn’t take it from them.

FUN Activities To Keep Your Aggressive Chewer Busy and Happy!

One bummer about having a heavy chewer is that you have fewer things you can give your dog to keep them busy and out of trouble. Since the toys that you can give them are limited, why not give them something to DO instead of something to chew!

I would strongly encourage you to explore the world of mentally stimulating dog toys and enrichment activities for dogs, there are so many amazing choices out there – some you can even make yourself!

For example, save your toilet paper rolls and you can make this dinnertime activity. 

Put a sprinkle of food in each one and bend the ends shut, like this:

Then, put the tubes in a box for them to pull out, or hide them around the room. Each time they find one, they will have to chew the cardboard open to get the food out, which will be loads of fun for them.

**Of course, watch them do it to make sure they don’t try to eat the cardboard while doing this. Most dogs will enjoy the shredding, eat the food, and leave the pieces.

Another easy one is to put their dinner in a muffin tin and put balls on top of the food. Then let them find it all, move the balls, and eat their dinner.


I have tons more ideas, many are toys you can buy, others are DIY – so be sure to check out these articles next:

What’s Your Favorite Indestructible Dog Toy?

Do you know of some fabulous indestructible dog toys that aren’t mentioned in this article? Share the link below so other owners can give them a try!

Until next time-



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