GoodRx For Pets: How to Save Money on Pet Prescriptions

As natural pet owners, using GoodRx for pets is something we would rather not need to do. But the reality is, there are some conditions and injuries that require prescription medicine, either temporarily or long term.

The first time I tried using GoodRx for a prescription medication for my dog, I had no idea it could save me hundreds of dollars on one prescription!

My dog was suffering from Lyme Disease, and the doxycycline he needed for treatment was over $300 at my vet’s office. Before I drove to the office to pick up his prescription, on a whim I tried typing it into GoodRx to see if doxycycline came up.

Not only did it come up, but the price for his prescription at my local Costco Pharmacy was $75. Yes. $75. So for that one prescription, I saved a whopping $225.

My vet was shocked when I told him, he said the price I paid was less than his cost.

Amazing, right?

In the propriety results from a survey about Pet Medications in the U.S., 78% of dog owners and 62% of cat owners that had been to the veterinarian with their pets in the past 12 months purchased pet medications. Furthermore, 63% of dog owners and 60% of cat owners spent more than $100 on the prescription.

Sales of pet prescriptions reached $9 billion in 2018, and that number is expected to grow.

Enter the prescriptions savings website,

How GoodRx for Pets Helps You Save Money

GoodRx was founded in 2010 by Doug Hirsch. Upon receiving an alarmingly expensive prescription, Hirsch decided to shop around online for a lower price. As he searched, it became obvious that Americans lacked a one-stop destination to compare prescription prices, sparking the creation of GoodRx.

GoodRx is a one-stop website that gathers current prices for prescription medications from a large variety of prescription stores – both online and brick and mortar businesses. You can use GoodRx for pets or people; just type in the medication and dosage and click the search button.

According to the GoodRx website, the average GoodRx customer saves $355 a year on their prescriptions. It is 100% free and requires no personal information.

How do you Use GoodRx?

GoodRx Home Page

It’s very simple. Go to, and enter the medicine you are looking for in the search box at the top of the page. There is no separate page to use for pets.

In the drop-down menus, specify the form (tablet, capsule, etc.), the dosage, and the quantity.

Voilà! GoodRx displays a list of pharmacies and their prices for the prescription medication you need.

Click on the box to the right of the store you plan to go to and print the discount pet medication coupon or discount information. You will need to bring that printout to the pharmacy, along with your dog’s prescription.

Most pharmacies will ask you for the vet’s DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) number. This is an official identification number the pharmacy will need to process the prescription. Usually the written prescription will list the DEA number; if it doesn’t you may have to ask your vet’s office.

If you have your vet call the prescription in to the pharmacy of your choice, the pharmacy will get it from them.

Use the GoodRx App

Easier yet – download the GoodRx App to your cell phone. You can look up the medication, choose a pharmacy, and just show them the coupon or discount information displayed on the app for them to process it. (you will still need to give them a written prescription or have your vet call it in)

Money-Saving Stories: Saving Hundreds, or THOUSANDS!, Using GoodRx For Pets

man saving 100 bills in a jar thanks to GoodRx for pets by Nina P
photo by Nina P.

Discount pet meds are a valuable trend for thrify pet owners; as mentioned in the introduction, GoodRx saved me $225 on one doxycycline prescription.

Another story I heard was for a Gabapentin prescription. After hearing it would cost $170 at her local Walgreens, the dog owner checked GoodRx, and picked up the same exact medicine at Walmart for $14 – a one-time savings of $156.

The biggest savings story of all?

I have a friend whose dog has epilepsy. As his seizures increased, so did the medications needed to prevent them. She and her husband were paying over $3,000/year for prescriptions, just to keep his seizures from getting out of control.

When I heard about it, I told her to check GoodRx to see if she could find better prices.

They now get the same medications for $840/year. WOW. That’s a savings of $2,160 PER YEAR. Their dog is only 3 years old. If he lives to be 11 (he’s a golden retriever) that’s a savings of over $19,000. Not bad!

GoodRx for Rescues

rescue dog adoption by Helena Lopes
photo by Helena Lopes

The sad reality of rescues is that many dogs come into a rescue with major long and short term health issues: seizures, heartworm, injuries, and more.

Think of the money they could save annually if they use GoodRx whenever possible.

If a rescue cares for roughly 200 dogs per year, and they can save an average of $50/dog by using GoodRx for pets, that would be a rough savings of $10,000 a year. It adds up fast!

What About Pet Medications That Are For Veterinary Use only?

I have found GoodRx to be hit or miss on pet specific medications, It is still worth trying GoodRx to explore your options for buying the pet meds online; if nothing else it can help identify a pet pharmacy that carries the med you need.

For example: Heartgard, Dasuquin, and Trifexis aren’t approved for human use, but you can still type them in and GoodRx will find the best online pet pharmacy price for that specific pet med. You can compare those prices with the price at your vet.

GoodRx also informs you if the medication manufacturer has coupons or rebates on their website.

There will be some pet specific medications that don’t yield any results on your GoodRx search. In that case you need to get the prescription filled at your vet; at least you will know you didn’t miss out on a lower price!

What Stores Does GoodRx Search?

GoodRx results have a wide variety of pharmacy prices for pet meds including nation wide pharmacies like Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Krogers, Hyvee, CVS, and Costco.

Don’t skip the really low Costco price because you don’t have a membership; you don’t need one for the pharmacy!

Per the Costco website: “You don’t need to be a Costco member to purchase Costco Pharmacy prescriptions online or at our warehouses.”

Just tell the person checking membership cards at the door that you are picking up a prescription and they will let you in.

It’s Worth Checking Out GoodRx Next Time You Need Pet Prescriptions

Having a natural dog blogger write about saving money on prescriptions may sound like a bit of a contradiction.

Truthfully, though, I figure the more money I save in those rare circumstances when a prescription is unavoidable, the more money I can invest in natural supplements, food, toys, and treatment for my dog.

For someone like my friend who was spending $3000/year on her epileptic dog, using GoodRx is saving her from ever having to make the “can I afford to keep my dog alive” decision.

Whether you use a pet pharmacy or a human one, doing your homework can pay off in significant savings!

If you have medications that were significantly cheaper on GoodRx, tell us in the Comments below so others using that med can learn about the potential savings.

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  1. Pamela McWherter
    January 26, 2021

    Thanks for having this information. I have 4 senior dogs, 2 of them on pricey meds. I walk into Walgreens and give them the Good RX, they tell me that Good RX doesn’t service dog medication any more. Now, I see this? Are they lying to me? I think so, so that I’ll pay more. Wish you’d have an RX card stating that the medication is for an animal so I could show them, they still service animals. I think they are just trying to make more money on me.

    • January 26, 2021

      Hi Pamela,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I know in the past I’ve encountered pharmacies that wouldn’t honor Good RX prices for pets, and I do always call and check first. That said, I just called my local Walgreens and asked the pharmacist and he said they honor Good RX for both people and pets, so that is really odd that yours doesn’t! Another thing to look for in Good RX results is for pharmacies that don’t require the coupon code, they just have a lower price (it says “learn more” instead of “get free coupon.” Then you don’t have to wonder if they’ll honor the Good RX codes or not

      I hope that helps, good luck with your senior dogs – seniors are the best!

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